Generations ago, the continent was dominated by an empire of fey -elves, Eladrin, and their kin -who oversaw a blossoming garden of fey powers conquer much of the known world. Known as the Great Empire (among other names), their armies razed mountains, their wizards built cities out of clouds, and their leaders earned the love and trust of all races. The Dwarven Kingdoms, distant but strong… the disorganized bands of Men, newly born and quick to die… Halflings living in hill and dale, unconcerned by fate or power… over all of these and more stood the Great Fey Empire. Or so the legends tell…

Welcome to Chaos Proof, my long-term 4e campaign set in the same world as Kobold Run. I’m looking forward to presenting a vivid, epic story of towering villainy and fantastic heroism with a myriad shades of grey in between, as well a ton of nonlinear, optional sidequests and roleplaying opportunities.

Feel free to make suggestions in terms of plot, storytelling process, character development, and how I handle the technical bits. I’m open to everything, but I hope you’ll be open to me wanting to succeed (or fail) my own way. :D

Chaos Proof